wonderful watches :)

there are so many adorable watches out right now, they are so much more than just time...tellers, they are awesome accessories.

i'm sorry i have to put these annoying little links, but some websites dont let me copy images, sooo.....


the watch above is so cute and versatile- the many colors (oddly) make it go with anything!

marc jacobs' FABULOUS watches are available here: http://shop.nordstrom.com/C/6007368/0~2376779~2374605~6007363~6007368?origin=jdlp

my favorites are
-ALL the watch necklaces
-ladie's plastic guitar watch
-satellite round flip dial watch (in all colors)
-padlock heart charm bracelet watch

of course, swatch is great if you need something original and unique that nobody else has: i have the chessboard watch (well...i lost it...but...) and it is great. this is it: http://store.swatch.com/search/input/chessboard/watches/page/1/LB160G

more later....

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