magenta bows, black fur

Today I was able to check one thing off my shopping list. My friend and I went to the fantastical vintage store Ahab Bowen today, quite an enjoyable time.

And this lovely thing is what I picked up. It was $32, so we assumed it had to be faux fur...but now I see it's real. Gahhhh. I kind of feel guilty, but people make good points- "But really, if we eat the meat, shouldn't we wear the skin too?" said The Clothes Horse. I don't want to make this a fur-or-no-fur post, so let's get on.

It's pretty though, isn't it?

I would rather have found a tan/beige one, but alas, I didn't get that lucky. 

I love what my friend got- a long hot pink skirt with a huge bow. It's a bit strange, it's cut out in the center...

But it's adorable. We have no idea how she should wear it, but we figured she would regret it if she didn't snatch it up. Edit: anyone have any idea on HOW to wear it?

An Irritating Reminder:

I'm doing a Q&A post, so ask me questions! I've put "keep asking questions" on the bottoms of a few posts, but I'm now realizing that new readers who are too lazy to scroll down a bit might find that a little confusing. So yes: Q&A. Your questions. Answered.


  1. so much fun. i can't wait to wear that skirt...
    mind putting up an edit of the post asking if anyone has an idea of how to wear the skirt?

  2. Don't feel guilty about the fur. You go girl!

  3. i was thinking wearing the skirt as a dress perhaps...or maybe it is too big for that :(

  4. personally i dont like realy fur but i think that it is fine if it was vintage or faux
    great find!

    your perfect day?

  5. That is a unique skirt! I think the best way to wear it is to keep it simple with a white tank tucked in or something. It is hard to imagine how it fits though.

  6. You shouldn't feel uilty about the fur because you didn't know it wasn't faux.
    The skirt your friend bought it's truly great... she should tuck a simple tee in!

    My question is: What's your kind of guy?

  7. personally i dont wear fur, but i never scould those who do (i have most likely done things they are against, so why go there) but that is a great find!
    your friend she wear that skirt as a dress, possibly backwards? or maybe take out the top panneling so its a straighter shape? she'll figure it out.

  8. I actually almost purchased a green version of this exact (?) item. It was styled as a mini with a tube top/dress underneath. I didn't buy it because I had no confidence to try and pull it off.

  9. ahhhh! i love the hot pink skirt! wear it as a tube dress with a frilly slip underneath and maybe a dark (navy?) structure blazer on top. some colored leggings (yellow? red?) ans some killer heels!

  10. oh, and my question is: who is your style icon and why?

  11. wear the skirt up to the waist and tuck in a tank top or you can pull it up to right beneath the bust so the bow is right there and also wear a tucked in shirt or tank top. belt it or wear it with long blingy chains. i've done it before with a sort of tribal printed skirt.

  12. Hmm, the skirt might look good as a higher waisted type deal if the cut out in the middle doesn't interefere...same concept