my screenplay


(A frustrated blogger, named Blogger, bids on a dress during her first encounter with eBay. A mysterious fellow bidder who we will call Girl-I-Hate is out to get the blogger.)

Blogger checks back on eBay a few days later, only to find that her dress has been outbid by Girl-I-Hate. Blogger will not stand for this. Promptly, she adds a dollar to the bid and exits the browser with pride.

On the final day of the auction, Blogger looks back on eBay to find Girl-I-Hate is at it again, as desperate for this dress as she is. Three hours left to the auction, Blogger outbids Girl-I-Hate, but as she confirms her bid, she sees that Girl-I-Hate outbid her in a mere few seconds. The process continues, a vicious battle between 2 internet anonymouses.

Blogger's heart speeds up as a few minutes are left until the end of the auction. Her family gathers around her, cheering her on and giving her the confidence to beat Girl-I-Hate.

Blogger sneakily finds the quick-bid button, sure that Girl-I-Hate is too dumb to figure that one out. Blogger was right.

Seconds tick by, Blogger still outbidding Girl-I-Hate. What will the outcome be?

4, 3, 2 seconds left. Blogger's heart is exploding out of her head.

But it left her with this beautiful dress.

dress from liebemarlene vintage

And to Girl-I-Hate: I don't really hate you. I was just really mad at you.

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  1. Oh WOW I love it. It really suits you and I'm so pleased you won it. I've had some close encounters on ebay but unfortunately i usually lose them.