I saw this turquoise blazer one day shopping. I tried it on and for some reason, felt I should put it back. Why would I do that? I didn't understand either. That night, I felt pangs of regret. I kept thinking about it. It wouldn't leave my head. A few days later, I went back, knowing full well my treasure would probably be gone. But I spotted it from a mile away, as it was bright turquoise.

And now it is mine as I originally had hoped it would be!

[vintage blazer, american apparel liquid leggings, vintage shoes]


  1. your style is absolutely adorable! what fascinates me the most is the play on colors that you do. I love the bright colors and black tights!! AWESOME!!


  2. i hate it when that happens, and it always does with me as i am way too indecisive and am not at all impulsive! (i experience regret on both sides of the transaction!)
    but then i love it when you go back, dreading the hard evidence that it is gone, and its not :)
    hehe so go you! and go the blazer! which is pretty epic by the way!