jabberwock cryptogram

Yesterday was spent at an amusement park in the rain. It could also be categorized as a monsoon, torrential downpour, or mild flood. There was a lot of rain. Everyone at the entire park decided to go to the nearest grease-ridden, hamburger and chili fry-stenched, claustrophobic restaurant and it was quite a miserable, wet 2 and a half hours before we could go back to school. All for the sake of physics. That's my tale, having nothing to do with this outfit.

jcrew button-down, selfmade skirt-as-top, vintage belt, american apparel liquid leggings, vintage shoes, vintage necklace

I generated two random words for the title and left it at that. I hate titles.


  1. I love this outfit. Pink and black look so great together. Love the touch of floral.

  2. i love this outfit so much, you look adorable in it.
    also i love how your dad put it on facebook haha ;)