tiers up to the moon

I cannot think of words to fill this box, so I revert to my old tactic of likes and dislikes. Likes: baking, Bellatrix Lestrange, the word "betwixt", Post-it notes, cheesecake, drawings of feathers, Rupert Grint, cream soda, floral print, and anything that comes out of Albus Dumbledore's mouth. Dislikes: country music, rap music, loud music, bananas, Cho Chang, Six Flags, cigarettes, corn off the cob (not sure what it is, I quite like it on the cob), cats, flip-flops, and Cormac McLaggen and his agility.

silence+noise jacket, sister's vintage shirt, vintage skirt, vintage shoes

I was told to say hello to my friend Bob Saget. She knows who she is.

(Holding On: Alex Day)


  1. you have the best outfits.

    also i totally get it - corn off the cob tastes completely different than on. plus, there's something great about eating every kernel across off of a cob. :)


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  3. hahahaha cormac mclaggen and his agility
    Bellatrix is my life
    oh and i had no idea you detested bananas until i shoved one in your face this morning in advisory and you died.... oops