molded, folded, pasted & cut

The highlight of my entire week would be best summed up in a small cyber-performance. I wasn't quite sure who I should tell, so I decided the entirety of the Internet would suffice.

Girl enters restaurant, picks up menu. She sees nothing except for two single words- Nutella mousse. Nothing else matters in the world. She must have it. And eventually, she does. She doesn't even know what else was in it besides whipped Nutella and a delightful caramel bottom, but OH MY GOD. It is the most magical meal to grace her life as of yet.

simply vera for kohl's cardigan, vintage top (yellow), joie top, vintage belt, vintage skirt, vintage shoes

I've also just discovered the most beautiful YouTube channel featuring what looks to be every single Lizzie McGuire episode ever. I'm over the moon.

(Can't: Tom Milsom)

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