so soldier on, soldier on

Well, it's been four wildly long years with my previous blog name (one I'd rather not mention. It's still a little shameful, but I was eleven, guys. Anything goes when you're eleven.) I've been wanting to change the name pretty much the week after I created it, but I (clearly) do not bode well with tough decisions. I kept a tiny notebook of words for exactly ten months, and dizzyspells was the only one that stuck in my head (a word taken from the title of Andrew Bird's "Fitz & the Dizzyspells" that I find hilarious and adorable).

Although I still can't remember why I didn't go with my sister's suggestion...

This feels good. I needed a break from the eleven year old me that boxed this blog in so much. With this, I'm going to explore different things on this blog. Everything won't be so...the same. I'm wondering just as much as you are about where this will go, but I'm liking the idea that it can actually go somewhere.

I also don't know who's reading this, since I cannot figure out how to redirect my URL. I'll probably never figure it out. So there's that.

(I had to have a title from Fitz & the Dizzyspells)

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  1. LOVE IT. plus, this is the first post where i actually recognize the song that's in the title. soo... good sign. :)