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The Elegance of the Hedgehog is for summer reading, but it's actually quite good. The rest are for fun. I LOVE the cover for Vaclav & Lena, it's the prettiest thing on earth.

The other prettiest thing is the This American Life app, although often a fickle temptress that refuses to buffer entirely. Every single episode of TAL EVER MADE for $2.99. My favorites as of late are Americans in Paris, Fear of Sleep, Detectives, You Gonna Eat That?, Sissies, My Big Break, and I Enjoy Being a Girl, Sort Of. Americans in Paris is top, I'd say. David Sedaris in Paris will always be entertaining- he manages to bring up remarkably profound ideas while simultaneously being hysterical. How?

I don't know, he makes me very happy.

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  1. Haha some of those you listed you also loved in 2006..or whenever we downloaded them! haha