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Elvis is on the brain.

Elvis has been on the brain for the past two months, thanks to my research paper. I just finished up a rather rigorous work session and I should probably be wanting to focus on other things, but I think I just want to look at more of his pictures and listen to more of his music and watch more of his interviews, etc.

One of my favorite stories I came across in my research was when the Beatles visited Elvis for the first time. It was super tense and awkward, and Elvis just said, "If you guys are just gonna sit there and stare at me, I'm going to bed. I didn't mean for this to be like the subjects calling on the king. I just thought we'd sit and talk about music and maybe jam a little." Then John and Elvis had a strained discussion and George ended up smoking a joint by the pool with one of Elvis' guys. 

Elvis seemed to be a little bit jealous of the Beatles' newfound success and the Beatles just were in awe, just wanting to meet their idol. They shook Elvis' confidence a lot, I think. What I would have given to see that meeting, despite the major secondhand tension I got just by reading about it.

My paper's about the creation of rock & roll in the 1950's, the effects that it had on sexuality and race relations. When I get heavily invested in my research, I have to remember I live in 2011 and not 1956. Sometimes I wish I lived in the 1950's. Other times I really, really, really don't. It certainly wasn't an ideal time, but it must have been incredible to be a part of this complete 180-degree musical revolution right as it was happening.

At least I get to be in the Gaga generation, eh?

(Can't Help Falling In Love: Elvis Presley)

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