glory days

Tonight, I caught up with an old friend (and by friend, I mean notebook) that exams had swiped from me for much too long. It was rather nice to visit with her. 

Everyone needs to keep a notebook. I was looking through some of mine circa 2003 today. The entries essentially consisted of what I ate (usually Kraft mac & cheese or Sour Punch Straws if it was a Tuesday at Hebrew school) and me telling my journal "I love you". I also discovered a poem I wrote about America that sounds like it was penned by Ron Swanson. There was a three-page block of more poems that, because they were all written in lowercase letters, I titled, "I am e.e. cummings". Accurate, nine year old Sophie! Accurate!

But notebooks! Crucial! I read through my old ones more often than I should, and I'm so looking forward to reading mine from high school (Although I have read mine from my freshman year. And they make me want to vomit. But we'll just move along.) when I get older. I just love the documentation. I love knowing that I was sitting in Miss Zellman's Hebrew class on September 30, 2003 with a lot of mosquito bites because we were outside for a long time yesterday giving my dog a haircut. 

So write. That's what I'm saying. Write.

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