leather or denim

Outfit from... Sunday? Yes. Dinner, yada yada yada. I actually forgot I had this skirt, it was hidden behind the masses of others and when I found it I freaked out.

martin+osa button-down
urban outfitters denim vest
handmade skirt

As for footwear, I have found that orange leather loafers go with absolutely everything.

I know you've seen these way too many times before. I just love them too much.

I couldn't decide between wearing the denim vest or the "leather" blazer over it...I obviously decided on the vest, but this little combo is sure to be worn soon.

(I'm aware it doesn't look anything like leather in the photos but it is.)


  1. I like the quality of the closeup photos you take, what camera do you use?

  2. cute outfit! your sister's youtube channel is also very cute hah

  3. I like that outfits - simply but adorable!

  4. Hey. Congrats! I nominated you for the 'I know your blog is fabulous award'. Come on by and take a look.

  5. i love the skirt, wheres it from?!

  6. thats crazy! you should consider setting up shop and selling them, i would totally buy one