dancing on a trash can

Taking pictures is so much more fun with a partner. My friend (she appears/is mentioned quite a bit on here- any time I mention a friend, it's her. She's the only one that cares about this kind of stuff.) was my photo assistant yesterday and helped me document both of our outfits.

I'm the one with the studded jacket as seen in my last post, she's...the other one.

jacket: vintage
shirt: unknown...white tank top
lame leggings: american apparel
boots: steve madden (they're baaaaack)

vest: tikrani
shirt: urban outfitters
belt: vintage
skirt: urban outfitters
shoes: steve madden

Have a fantastic Easter and all my Jewz, keep on truckin.


  1. omg the blue skirt is awesome! :D

  2. love the jacket, and that skirt is to die for!

  3. love your friends shoes!

  4. I love both of your outfits!
    Especially your jacket and your friend's blue skirt.
    Love this blog. I read it all the time.