Let me just say that if you are in the Dallas area, you absolutely MUST visit Parkerhawn Vintage. There is an amazing selection of vintage clothes, shoes, bags, scarves..everything. And excellently priced, as well.

I picked these two items up there yesterday and I think it's a bit funny how completely opposite they are from each other.

The first thing that caught my eye was this studded denim jacket/Western shirt. NINE DOLLARS. I'm eager to look like Danny Zuko.

From Zuko to....this, which I'm just off-the-wall excited about. It's a Victorian blouse, very sheer and ruffly and Shakespearean. Really, when I wear it, I feel like William Shakespeare, writing furiously from the light of a candle in a pub because he couldn't afford to get a candle from his own house. Even the back has the same detail (last 2 pictures). Pearl buttons and ruffles and billowy sleeves. It makes me very happy.


  1. i LOVE the blouse! like seriously, its bordering full on infatuation.

    ah-maze-ing! <3 just like your blog! love love love it! :)

    i feel a bit cliche asking this...
    would you like to exchange links with me?

    Its basically a blog about how I, a 15 year old Londoner, am making it into the fashion industry (hopefully) and all the outfits and thoughts along the way!


    xoxo aindrea

  2. umm...you know that Shakespeare lived in the 1600s and the Victorian era was from the mid 1800's to 1900, right? just saying...

  3. Anonymous-
    Sorry about that...that's not quite what the post was focused on, but thanks for pointing out every detail.

  4. oh my gosh love the fluffy top! the last pic is really well taken aswell... :)

  5. love that blouse. its so cute!

  6. Thanks for the blog post darlin! We're lovin you to bits here at Parkerhawn Vintage :) As a perk Just for your readers, when they stop in the shop they will receive $5 discount on any purchase when they mention "tres tres chic" - thanks!