now the cities we live in could be distant stars

I used to be (much like Justin Timberlake as Sean Parker) kind of a pretentious douchebag, so much so that I would very rarely wear t-shirts out. I soon realized how much I was missing, and I've now acquired a nice collection of well-designed, non-ugly t-shirts (and will welcome more once I can get my hands on them).

Regarding Mother Monster in the last post- Holy Gaga, this album is fantastic. Anyone who hasn't scooped it up yet (is there anyone?), do it. What an amazing lady. Also watch her MTV interview/TV special. GAH drools all over everywhere- she's just a goddess made of awesome.

arcade fire store shirt, anthropologie belt, american apparel skirt, vintage shoes, anthropologie headband

DHP2 in 39 days. SO READY.

(Suburban War: Arcade Fire)
(I'm wearing the shirt after all)


  1. Love the purple and ADORE your nail colors!!


  2. Gosh, how cute are you? I'm digging all the colors in this outfit, right down to your shoes. I used to have a wonderful collection of tees but they always seem to disappear.

    Xoxo Mama Wolf.
    p.s. nice nails!