i carved your name across my eyelids

It's an easy thing to write two people as perfect for each other, easy to create a love story. It's an easy thing to have two people, patched together with the figments of one's imagination, meet by chance, just have them tap on the shoulder of someone who turns out to be the single person they're meant to be with. It's quite another when it actually happens with two real, solid, tangible people. I think about Win and Regine sometimes (read: all the time) and how it's one of the most remarkable things I can think oftwo people, two poets brought together by who-knows-what. Two people who create poetry and music, two people who love each other so much at the same time. I'm sappy as all hell, but these two do things to me.

They could have gone to different colleges.

I put on my ugliest jeans and put my hair up so it looked like shit. I went to his apartment and he played me songs. I had never seen someone play so maturely. He wasn't pretending to be who he wanted to be.
-Regine Chassagne, on her first time meeting Win Butler

(Crown of Love: Arcade Fire)

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