is your free time to free minds or for falling apart?

Photographic documentation of some of my favorite things found in my bedroom.

1. My notebook, outfitted with a Hipster Parks & Recreation picture ("punk-ass book jockeys"), because the picture makes me happy and writing in it makes me happy.

2. Post-it notes, because I buy and use way too many and love doing it, dammit.

3. My wand, because...it's my wand. It is also the wand expressly responsible for the killing of Lord Voldemort. I mean, I don't mean to brag...but yeah, I do.

4. Magnetic Poetry Pick-Up Lines, because a girl needs help.

5. Slang Flashcards, for the same reason.

6. These sunglasses, only for the sentiment. I cleverly forgot my sunglasses at Austin City Limits (even though I packed TWO) and had to buy these promotional ones. But they remind me of ACL and of Natalie and they make me smile, even though they're smeared with like, face grease and sweat and sunscreen.

7. Me Talk Pretty One Day, because it's one of my favorite books and favorite authors and favorite collection of nonfiction stories set in France.

8. The shoes. Why? Do I need a why? Because they're shoes covered in glitter, THAT'S WHY.

(Ize of the World: The Strokes)