Fashionista's First Advice Column (With Actual People!)

Thank you Jen from Mahalo Fashion! She is the first submitter to the fashion advice column! Hopefully it will go on more.

Dear Fashionista
how do I wear high waisted jeans and not look stupid or like i'm trying too hard?


You are definitely right- high waisted jeans can look very stupid. Case in point- Jessica Simpson.

Jessica's jeans do not flatter any part of her beautiful body, they just make her look larger than she really is. The baggy pockets make her thighs look huge and not Daisy Duke-worthy at all. Jessica obviously does not know how to pull this trend off, but many people can, for instance, Kate Moss. Her high waisted jeans looked casual and cute at London Fashion Week.

Kate, always the fashionista, dressed her high waisted jeans down with a gray top and brown belt. The jeans aren't screaming, "Look at me!" so Jennifer, it's not going to look like you're trying too hard. This style is the most wearable and "for you", I would think, but if you want to go a little glam, take a cue from Jennifer Lopez on TRL.

Jennifer makes these jeans look adorable with her white vest and tee. The vest adds a perfect menswear-ish touch to the outfit. It was a good call to get a waist length vest, since it helps to make the jeans not look so high. When you wear high waisted jeans, don't make them sky-high, PLEASE. Hear that, Jessica?

Here's some high waisted jeans that I would pick for Jen-
When you wear high waisted jeans, pair them with a fitted t-shirt that can easily be tucked into your jeans. I never tuck anything in, but it's pretty necessary with this style of jeans. If you don't, there's really no point in wearing them if no one can see them, right?

18th Amendment Colbert High Waist Flare Jean- at shopbop.com
These have a nice classic blue color that would go great with a fitted white t-shirt, a bright belt, and some black boots. If the leg is wide, go for a boot or chunky sandal. If the leg is skinny, try some heels or strappy sandals.

Grey Ant High Waist Flare Jean- at shopbop.com
These braided pockets are so unique and cool. Pair this grey color (the hottest denim color this fall) with a bright colored t-shirt. I would try red or yellow, but any bright will work.

Seven Jeans High Waist Joy Jean- at shopbop.com
I would put these jeans with a bright t-shirt, a little cropped jacket and some heels like this model.

I had so much fun putting this post together, so please post more questions!


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