Ford Models/50th Post!

First off, it's my 50th post! I'm quite excited, actually. It's like a birthday. For a blog...umm...okay, well, I'm excited.

Lately, I have LOVED the Ford Model videos on YouTube. They have everything- fashion tips, workouts, and beauty regimes. They are really interesting, and take you behind the scenes of tons of things. Here are some of my favorite videos-

Here is Bre's walking tour of Harlem. Bre was great on ANTM, and here, she shows you her birthplace and lifelong home, Harlem. It's full of stories and fun, with a gorgeous model as your tour guide!

I LOVE this video. Jackie, a Ford Model, shows you some of her favorite dress shapes and styles for summer, which can be easily transitioned right into fall. It's a great video fashion blog.

This is one of my favorite sections- Changing Room Confessions. Alejandra, a Ford Model, shows you what she tries on at very cool stores. Sometimes she's thrilled, sometimes... she's not, like with this "bubble gone wrong" dress. This black trench looks fabulous on her, though!

^^ "Bubble Gone Wrong" ^^

I also really like Kim Strother's workouts- they are not too intense but still give you a really good exercise. But I do think that looking at her incredible body is bad for yours. HOW DO YOU GET A BODY LIKE THAT? Whatever. Just let Kim Strother have her perfect body and let the rest of us suffer. Fine.

The Model Beauty Tips are really cool too, the models give you their personal beauty secrets, some of which you would never even think of. Ariel's lotion-and-baby-oil moisturizer shown here is something I am going to try.

Here's a closeup on one of my favorite models, Chanel Iman. She's so funny and seems really sweet. I want to meet her!

Yara shows us her apartment- it's amazing! It can give you really great inspiration for redecorating a room. I love the Marilyn Monroe painting.

Even though this was my 50th post, I made it really, really short. I'm sorry! But check out the Ford Models channel at http://youtube.com/fordmodels to see tons more videos!



  1. These videos are pretty cool! Thanks for informing me of them. Happy 50th Blog Birthday!

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