Urban Gets Ready For Fall

Urban Outfitters introduced their fall collection a few days ago and I can safely say I am in love. It's adorable. So incredibly fabulous....get ready for an avalanche of cute.

This cardigan is both slouchy and cute, and looks sooo comfy. It comes in really cute color combinations, but I love this yellow and gray one. If you have read the latest Elle, it has a whole section on the preppy trend this fall. These rugby stripes are preppy, but this shape could be transformed into preppy or not. I love this!

I love how this simple black tank dress is made totally unique with the shocking pink tights and ankle boots! I need a tank dress! They go from summer to fall so effortlessly with just a few layers.

This lavender color is so pretty, and I especially love the sweet ruffle at the bottom.

Okay, I don't really know why I like this so much, but I do. It's just really cool.

Let me just put this out there- I wouldn't wear this, but it's a KATE MOSS NECKLACE! I love it (and Kate), but wearing her on my neck would probably attract a bit too much attention.

I love this simple metallic dress. It's a good way to incorporate the metallic dress trend into your wardrobe without those incredibly flashy Alice + Olivia or Tory Burch sequin dresses.

I ADORE these purple jeans! The color is so cool.

This is the cutest swing coat I have ever seen. From the cherry red color to the round collar to the pleats, everything about it is divine. Wear this with some really skinny pants or jeans to play up this shape.

This is usually not my style, but I like this top! It's so sweet and pretty. I would pair this with skinny black Bermudas.

This fedora is a good way to go if you want to add a subtle menswear inspired touch to your outfit.

Oh my goodness. (haha...I wrote goofness first. I get amused by that kind of stuff.) How cool is this? A super long vest! I like the way the stylists put this outfit together- over the metallic dress I put before and bright tights.

This vest is lovely. Just lovely.

I need to get a good blazer. It can be dressed up or down, especially this one. It's classic, but the lining is a nice pop of originality.

This color, sweet flowers, and soft pleats make an absolutely gorgeous top that I LOVE.

A funky, hippie-ish scarf is the one item that everyone needs in their closet this season. It is fall's chunky necklace!

These are a less expensive version of the Rich & Skinny jeans that I adooooorrre with every fiber of my being...

Some good blue skinnies.

This is so cute! I love this turquoise color.

This reminds me of a Marc Jacobs bag I saw once. It's a pretty good look-alike, if you ask me.


This clutch is VERY oversized in person, and adds a glam, dramatic touch to any outfit. Try it with a classic LBD to add a twist.

How cute. That's not all. Check out the website for more.


p.s. where are the comments, guys! you commented on some last ones and then just disappeared! i love comments, so keep them coming! <3

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