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Don't you love when you find something you completely forgot about in the back of your closet and just see how fashionable it really is? Yes, I do too. A few days ago, I found this Marimekko top that my grandmother got me when I was a wee little one, maybe five or six. I never wore it, preferring my green overalls and velcro strap sneakers. So when I found it, I was super happy, because MAN this thing is cute. The top is too short for me to wear as a shirt, but once I cut the armholes to fit me, it looked perfect as a type of vest.

Now you can't really see it from the picture, but these are my new tights, dark gray ribbed. I had been wanting ribbed tights for a long time, and these are lovely and warm. I like how the vest looked undone, but it's a bit shapeless. I still love how it looks. The second and third include my new AA dress that I ordered a thousand years ago. Excuse the popping of the hip pose, my sister was singing and I was doing a little dance. I didn't feel like taking another picture. I basically wore this dress the rest of the night after I got it- I added my white beret and you wouldn't believe how much more enjoyable it makes French homework.

vest: marimekko, tank: martin+osa, skirt: made by me, tights: nordstrom
dress: american apparel

Let me explain this. I was astoundingly bored the other day and decided to try to recreate a Spring '09 runway look. I fail at these, I really do. I started with an Erin Fetherston outfit, hence the Erin dress underneath the many layers. I didn't have any little airy or Erin-y pieces, so it slowly morphed into a Luella, with the orange and purple pairing. I kept adding layer upon layer until I looked like a clown. And no visible runway inspiration was taken.

dress: erin fetherston, orange tanktop: jcrew, yellow shirt: theory, vest: marimekko, socks: american apparel, boots: steve madden (look how many freaking elements there are to this)

Oh yes. I liked the belt with the American Apparel dress.

The gorgeous cowl neck of the dress refused to show up in the pictures, so here's a close up.


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