with a big gold buckle

I was cleaning up today and came across these boots, which could be summed up as MY ENTIRE CHILDHOOD EXISTENCE. A lovely brown (probably faux) suede, decorated with a nice round gold buckle that didn't actually function. I lived in these. I recall getting so excited the day I got them that I tore out my journal and wrote an entire entry about how much I loved them. I was probably in third grade, and every single day I came to school in these- no matter if it was raining, if we had to run a combined mile in P.E., trekking along a nature walk. On every occasion these were the footwear of choice. I literally wore them to shreds (see last picture).

And it made me think. These boots were a big part of what got me into fashion. Given, I was a third grader and didn't have much fashion sense, but these were the first real piece of "fashion" that made me feel good. They seemed to hold some kind of superpower- I could put them on and I could conquer the world. It showed me the self-confidence that fashion can give you, because I can tell you, I was WORKING those faux-suede faux-buckle boots.

Did any of you have a favorite piece of clothing like this? I want to hear stories!



  1. aaww thats a really lovely story!
    I remember that when it was my mums wedding, I was given a vest (like one you wear under clothes when you're little) and I wore it from when I was 3 until I was about 8/9. and I hated taking it off. It was a lovely white vest, with lace and beads on it. Then one day, my mum made me take it off for good, because it had become like a crop-top on me! :(