glitter legs

I scour my mom's closet often, hoping to find some gems. Everything is pretty memorized by this point, but last night I found something I had never seen before.

It's a cobalt blue wool jumper from a brand called Tarantino. I love the color, but my favorite part has to be the Y-back. I am definitely looking forward to experimenting with this.

And we have a dance coming up, I needed a dress...

I have had my eye on the Nylon Figure Skater Dress from American Apparel for what seems like decades, and I figured this would be the perfect occasion to get it.

It was a little short, so for underneath, I bought....

Black tights. With silver sparkles. Sparkly tights. I'm so excited.



  1. are the tights from AA too?
    if not, where are they from? i lurve them!

  2. very cute.
    and i really like your carpet...