Now that Winter Break is upon me, I need to do some shopping. I finally have some time on my hands to update my closet a bit. Right now, it consists of the skirts I made this summer. That's pretty much it. I hate how it's all I wear, but it's such an easy way out. I'm in such a rut and really need to change it up a bit.

Thankfully, the thing getting me re-inspired are our surrounding bloggers. Sometimes I really wonder what I would do without them. I desperately hope I can find these pieces on my winter shopping trips..

Doesn't Jane have the best furs? I'm not advocating wearing fur, if I was to get one it would be faux, thank you very much. I just love how dramatic it is, and it can be put with nearly anything. No, it probably couldn't, but if I bought one I would put it with everything. Topshop has a perfect Mongolian vest that I would eat my young for. Too bad it's nearly $200. Seriously, Americans all thought Topshop was British Forever 21.

Topshop taunts.

The marching band jacket, band jacket, military jacket. Whatever you fancy calling it, it's an amazing statement piece that is unfortunately difficult to find. I doubt I'll find one on my excursions, but I'll try to the best of my abilities.

This below the knee hemline is so refreshing from the normal ones you see. They can be so different- Jane's is avant-garde and experimental, while Rachel's is elegant and vintage-like. Oh, I want one so badly.

Bloggers featured: Betty from Le Blog de Betty, Jane from Sea of Shoes, and Rachel from That's Chic. All pictures are from these blogs.


  1. i'm all about the marching band jackets! unfortunately, they'd probably end up bundled underneath scarves and a winter coat, so i'll wait until it gets a little bit warmer out..

  2. those are some great pieces to look out for, I love the furry thing from topshop

  3. Oh! you posted similar stuff than me, we share similar likes....