i do not care about practicality

So this was my outfit from the day we got out for spring break, which was like, 2 weeks ago. Awesome. We had a free dress day and I decided it would be a good idea if my arms were bound to my sides for the whole day. I thought it would make doing things really easy and I knew that adjusting my belt every time I reached for something would not be a problem.

It doesn't look too bad like this, I actually really liked the outfit, but when your entire armspan is this:

It's a bit of a problem...and fifth graders are staring at you and probably referring to me in their inner circles as creepy zombie capelet chick.

The end.

skirt-as-capelet: made by me
dress: american apparel
tights: forever21
flats: bp nordstrom

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  1. your tights are yummy.
    i love your blog.


  2. good on you! life should be fun, creative, and full of expression. try this, pretend to be french, german, or spanish for the day!! you will be suprised at how many people belive you!

  3. Interesting outfit.
    Like the tights the most :)