the tale of the accidental hipster

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I didn't think I looked that hipster-y when I got dressed this morning, but when I was mistaken for an Urban Outfitters employee today, I apparently got filled in.

I think it's just the tights.

Most of the day I was wearing this navy blazer which is pretty much invisible on the picture. Just keep tilting your computer screen and you should be able to detect a little bit of it at some angle.

Isn't this outfit the definition of what spring is? I mean, check out all those light, happy colors and floating fabrics. You can't get more fun than this, right?

american apparel cowl-neck dress
urban renewal blazer
diy ripped tights
steve madden boots


  1. I lvoe your ripped tights and blazer.

  2. this makes me want to year my ripped all over black dance tights out in puclic as part of my outfit!

  3. hipster-y or not, i love this outfit!

  4. HAH!
    Hipsters xD

    Irregardless of the hipster-ness
    Its a fierce outfit :)

  5. You did a great job with your tights! Its amazing what people will pay money for when they could just, do it themselves!

    First time here, I'll be sure to check back often.


  6. those tights are like, amazing. your clothes are adorable!