4th times the charm

I am totally aware that this is the fourth post in a row where I'm wearing this vest. I don't care.

This was my festive Flag Day outfit, I'm just preparing for the parties up and down the streets tonight. You know how people get on Flag Day.

american apparel t-shirt, erin fetherston for target dress, marc by marc jacobs vest, dad's belt


  1. vest is great but the dres!!!! wow i love those colors on you

    Thanks for the lovely comment we really appreciate you stopping by our blog

  2. do you have a bloglovin account ? its where i follow al my favorite blogs

  3. just to let you know i'm finallyyy back honey - free from exams! thanks for your lovely comments :)

    absolutelyy love your outfit! I wish we had a target here! :(
    oh and love the vest - if I had anything marc by marc jacobs in my wardrobe, I would wear it everyday too!!!! :D