little cakes on doilies

It was disgustingly, revoltingly hot today, and I thought it would be appropriate weather to debut my summery new additions to my wardrobe that seems to accomodate only the colder months.

I went to American Apparel yesterday and bought the Circle Vest and some darlin' little seersucker bloomers. I still have to experiment with the bloomers in a way that will make me look as little like a muffin as possible.

american apparel circle vest
american apparel bloomers
vintage belt
fruit of the loom tank top
vittadini loafers

P.S. I discovered only recently that the socalled Hanes tank top I referred to is, in fact, Fruit of the Loom. Don't know why I got Hanes into my brain.
P.P.S. Title is a funny little phrase from Simon Doonan's Eccentric Glamour. And I like doilies. (I accidentally ate one with a bundt cake in the sixth grade.)


  1. Cute outfit. I love your hair.

  2. cute outfit and wonderful photos. :)

  3. love the shorts very cute, that's the thing i hate wearing shorts but i love buying them like tights lol