fleece is a bad idea

I really wanted to wear a fleece motorcycle jacket today. It went SO well with the dress I put on, and I was incredibly tempted. I was fully aware that it is June and that fleece and June don't mesh the most ideally. And I'm thanking my smidge of common sense, because I was about to melt after 20 minutes outside in bare shoulders and legs. Fleece...dear lord.

This dress is rapidly becoming shorter and shorter on me, so I decided to put a skirt under it for some length and to make it a little fluffier and puffier, which is always fabulous!

Remember my post featuring my uniform shoes? I got so many comments saying how great they were, so I took out mine from maybe 6th or 7th grade, infinitely more comfortable than mine from this year. I kind of like them, although anyone from school that reads my blog is going to think me crazy.

marc by marc jacobs vest, ruby pearl dress, selfmade skirt, urban outfitters hat, willits saddle shoes

P.S. I'm thinking about some videos on here- maybe closet tour, or just vlogs here and there? Any thoughts on that?

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  1. definitely. would love to see some vlogs of yours :) i just stumbled upon your site by accident - but i love it! you have such style and i love your vintage shoes.. im a sz 9 and mostly cant find nice shoesies for me in thrift stores.. anyway, ramble ramble.

    keep up the great work! xx