two hundred degrees that's why they call me mr. fahrenheit

Trying to soak up every last precious moment I have with Ahab Bowen (Dallasites, they're having 50% off everything going on now). I picked up this beautiful 80's teal silk dress and I am quickly falling madly for it. The length is certainly something to get used to- I like my stuff short. My mother will recount stories of her hemming my dresses higher and higher to the point of near indecency (because God forbid I would parade around preschool with my dress at my mid-thigh). But a longer cut is refreshing and I quite like it. Also, it has shoulder pads. And I love shoulder pads.

vintage dress, anthropologie belt, vintage shoes

P.S. I also picked up a wonderfully weird hot pink sweatshirt type thing with a giant appliqued cowgirl on the front. I'm wearing it right now and enjoying it far too much.

P.P.S. My Narcissa Malfoy costume for the midnight premiere of Deathly Hallows Part 2 was 50 different kinds of badass. I will post it later. But it's awesome. (ikindofwanttodresslikehereverydayWHAT)

(Don't Stop Me Now: Queen)

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