12th Street by Cynthia Vincent

I had never looked at the 12th Street by Cynthia Vincent label that well before, and now that I have, I am absolutely blown away. She does simple concepts and makes them incredible with details and colors. There are some classic pieces, like long cardigans, and fun ones, like yellow dresses. After some searching on ShopBop and Net-a-Porter, I found some great items.

This violet color is so rich, this whole dress is beyond chic. I could imagine this on a stylish woman working in a huge fashion magazine.

This picture is focusing on the dress, but I liked this whole outfit so much. I like how it's all dark except for the splashes of metallic and gray.

The slouchy sleeves on this are relaxed and easy. This sweater is perfect to throw on over a little dress or paired with jeans.

This dress, especially the bow, is so elegant, but the yellow shade adds a fun touch. Love the neckline.

Another rich violet shade, this time in a comfy sweater. This looks so light and soft. This would look great with nearly anything. Over a black minidress, it is unexpected and cool. I love the dolman sleeves on this.

This is so cool! The collar is really dramatic and original. One of the most interesting sweaters I have ever seen.

I love the waistline on these shorts, and they are very elegant because they are made out of silk. Silk shorts...yum. =]

This tunic would look great with these pants below...

Cute, right?

The poufy (yes, I'm not British or anything, but it looks better than POOFY.) sleeves are really pretty, and the print is a modern contrast to them, which have a bit of a Victorian, romantic vibe.

This three tiered skirt is so pretty, and it has a tiny bit of a nautical feel.

This is gorgeous, the peachy color, drapey shape, off-the-shoulder top, and keyhole are all fabulous.

This is really pretty, the flutter sleeves and the bias seam detail as well as the ruching. It's simple but with so much detail, which makes it really unique.

Gorgeous! This green color is amazing and the voluminous sleeves are so pretty. I love all the ruching.

Umm...a bit short. If this was longer, then it is very chic and elegant, perfect for a party.



  1. ooo, i like how it's simple, but sophisticated. particularly fond of that yellow dress, awesome neckline! and the sweater dress, want it! good find!

  2. LOVELY :] I really like this line.

  3. some really nice choices
    i like the black shorts a lot

  4. Wow...stunning clothes. simple, yet stunning

  5. lovely post, adn blog, i also love the poll on the right, love all the clothes anyways! lol x