Paris. Hilton.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I haven't really been in the mood. I am REALLY MAD right now. I think you know why, based on the title. Paris Hilton is out of jail, due to a "medical condition". We should have seen it coming, I mean, she's Paris Hilton. I doubt they put any of the other prisoners on house arrest if they had a medical condition. Really... I just think it's unfair. And house arrest for Paris Hilton is just a living hell, you know, confined to the Hilton mansion... AGHHH...

Okay, sorry, I was going to put her hilarious mug shot, but it's not working...my poor post looks naked without a picture...oh well.



  1. I know what you mean. No ordinary person would be allowed out for that pointless reason. She needs to grow up, and face her charges. But something tells me house arrest wont be too bad, her house is probably the size of a large shopping center, so im sure she will live.
    I was reading earlier on Pink is the new blog that she has been sent back in *PHEW* .

    Love the blog, very thought provoking! Xox.

  2. she is completly getting special treatment b/c she's famous which is so unfair