The Most Gorgeous Collection. Ever.

I ADORE Tracy Reese. She is a wonderful designer and makes the most feminine clothes. Her Fall 2007 show was incredible, I loved every piece. These are my absolute favorites- they are SO beautiful... she put fun tights under almost every look- so cute!

I love the neutral, cream and tan palette of this outfit- the dress has such pretty detailing, with the skirt and thing on the front. The striped tights elongate the leg and add a playful touch to the outfit.

Love the proportions on this- the voluminous coat with the skinny Bermuda shorts look great. This is beautiful.

The cutouts on this give a hint of provocativity (is that a word?) but is still demure. The tights are so cute as well.

These sleeves are so pretty, and the skirt is simple, but elegant. MORE TIGHTS!

The slight sheerness and shimmer are so cute! I love the neckline and the fluttery skirt!

At first glance this seems simple, but if you look at the circle print, it's really gorgeous. The metallic trend is still going strong.

These pleats are beautiful and the detailing on this is amazing.

The metallic jacket is incredible- the detail on the front is great.

This is a very sophisticated ensemble, but still young and pretty. Another great metallic jacket. Tracy can do it all.

I'm not sure I would pair this metallic color with the beige, but this is, by far, the best jacket.

I love the lace-like detail on this dress- simple and chic.

This is so pretty, especially the top.

Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. It is so elegant and the voluminous sleeves are great. This is a fabulous coat-dress. I'm in love...

A beautiful party dress.

Look at the front pleats on the skirt! So cute.

The sweater looks so comfy. I love that skirt- the modern lace print is so cool. I would totally wear this out. Anywhere. It's sooo cute....

Very pretty and sophisticated.

This is so fun. I love the pink and the ruffled sleeves. Paired with the polka dotted tights, it is so wearable.

So cute, I love the sparkle.

More cool modern lace print- it's so cute with the pink.

The bow is very cute, and the jacket is a great way to keep this *very* short dress classy.

Beautiful, the turtleneck isn't stuffy at all. I don't usually like turtlenecks, but this one is great. The sparkly skirt is so pretty! This is a great outfit for a holiday party (yes, we are in summer, but this is a fall collection =] )

This is SUCH A CUTE DRESS. I love the ruching and dark gray color.

I love this explosion of color, classic Tracy.

This is such a beautiful color. The colored trench coat is definitely a hot new trend.

This is like the cutout dress, but very mod. Love the color combo.

Fabulous tangerine color, and the thing at the neck (what IS that?) is so original.

The genius behind it all.

As you can see, I LOVED the collection. It's SO BEAUTIFUL! What are your favorite looks?



  1. what i dont like is the white striped tights
    the rest is lovely

  2. Great collection :)
    I was going to start pointing my favourite looks, but suddenly I stopped counting because they were so many I figured out!!! "hey, I love them all" :)
    Good choice for a post

  3. What a GORGEOUS collection! Tracy Reese has really become the designer to watch. My favorite looks were the rose colored trench coat, the little black turtleneck dress, the blue and black skirt, the tailored metallic python jacket and the dove grey cutout dress. Yum!