It's swimsuit time again.



Well, I'm starting to get really frustrated because swimsuits have begun to sell in TWO PARTS. IT MAKES NO SENSE. Okay, and I understand that the companies want to "help women's bodies", but I swear, I want to buy a swimsuit as a whole. I don't want to buy just the top, or just the bottom, or the two combined to make a ridiculously high price for a freaking swimsuit. These companies are seizing this opportunity to make more money. For example, this one from Urban Outfitters:


The top is $42. The bottom is $38. Together, they make a grand total of $80.

NO. I refuse to pay that much for a swimsuit. But I love the swimsuit. What to do?

This one:


I love polka dots. Always have, always will. So this is just adorable. Unfortunately, they too have jumped on the selling-bathing-suits-as-two-pieces bandwagon.

Top: $38. Bottom: $40. That's $78 for a swimsuit that will be destroyed by the end of summer.

This adorable one from Roxy:


The top is $36.


The bottoms are also $36.

SEVENTY TWO DOLLARS. This is my favorite swimsuit, I just saw it in Seventeen and I immediately loved it. But again, I hate paying so much for a swimsuit. Mine are always ruined at the end.

More unreasonably priced separate swimsuits that I love but will not buy.



Anyone else agree with me? Who understands this new trend....?



  1. I almost gave in to buying a $200 suit the other day but thankfully stopped myself... INSANE!

  2. I agree about them being overpriced for two skimpy pieces of cloth. I mean it's not even like underwear that's lacy or silky or bras that have boning.

    Still as a girl who's top heavy but small on the bottom I like having the option to play switcharoo.