and you thought my legs couldn't get colder!

Debuting the next thing I bought in Austin, the one product of the American Apparel flea market which was a big bundle of noise, crazy, and lots and lots of mud. I've always loved these colored denim pencil skirts and now that I saw it for 85% off, it had to be done. More pictures in the snow, I could feel the confusion as people saw me in bare legs and a cardigan...in the snow.

target cardigan, martin+osa button down, vintage belt, american apparel skirt


  1. I didn't go to that event though I was kicking myself! Cute skirt and shoes- you look smashing in the snow.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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  2. Jealous! My friend went to that, road trip from Portland to Austin- sxsw and american apparel flea market. I so want to go to one!

  3. LOVE that outfit and the fitted look . Also the print dress and short top Great pictures,great text .

  4. Pencil skirts and bare legs kinda go together. You get used to it - honest :-)