floral formula

Flowers on the top, flowers in the middle, flowers on the bottom, flowers on the very bottom. That seems reasonable. The new Liberty of London stuff at Target has all the flowers you could possibly need, and not only on your clothes. We now have floral picture frames and two different floral platters.

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liberty of london for target top, vintage skirt, vintage shoes

P.S. As for the title, I just discovered that there is a 'floral formula' for every flower, representing structures of flowers with letters and numbers. Learn more if you scroll a bit down on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flower, if anyone cares. Which you probably do not.


  1. Your heels are just gorgeous! I'm all abut the florals these days.

  2. omigaww, those shoes! they're amazing, as is the entire head to toe look!