making up words

Marvel and bask in the glory of the sequin jacket, or what I like to call the blardigan. Part blazer, part cardigan. It's got the sharp old lapel of a blazer but the comfort and slouchy sequinnity of a cardigan. I love it and its ability to completely attract the eyes of every child/baby I come across. Also, the weather decided to snow today. Stupid, it's stupid, really.

vintage blardigan, lux denim vest, martin+osa button down, ukrainian necklace, gap jeans, vintage shoes


  1. The blardigan is great (you should copyright the word and sell it to famous designers and become a fashion celebrity. or, you know, not.) but I can't believe how you're not cold in those jeans. I'm cold just looking at bare skin and snow! Anyways, I enjoyed the post!

  2. My long email did not make it to you !!!!
    I love all :the snow , the flowers , the "blardigan "
    Are your legs freezing ?
    your shoes go great with your outfits