my sleeves have ruffles too

Not a hugely interesting outfit, but I liked it anyway. The pink shoes are quickly becoming the new red shoes- all I am ever wearing. They're like a new pair of shoes for me, I was scared off of them for months because of their pain factor and now I'm just sucking it up and embracing the pink.

j.crew cardigan, vintage dress, vintage belt, vintage shoes


  1. Oh, I love the dress, and the whole outfit too. It reminds me of old movies, well, except for the shoes. Although I'm not a big fan of hot pink, I think you pull them off quite well.
    Also, I really loved the floral outfit in one of the previous posts. Can't wait for summer so I can wear skirts and short sleeves. Too much information, I know.

  2. love the color of your dress!

  3. You look super classy and cute!