While browsing Urban Outfitters, I found this Silk Portia Dress, which bore a STRONG resemblance to a dress I remembered from the Chloé Spring 2007 collection. There is almost no difference between these two, and I love them both.

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The Silk Portia Dress. I love how the stylist paired the ruffled, frilly dress with the patterned tights, it reminds me of Blair Waldorf's outfit for the brunch, where she paired the eyelet dress with crocheted tights. Gorgeous.

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The Chloé dress. It's a perfect match. Love love love.



  1. Hey Fashionista,
    Wow, they really are clones of each other! Luckily, however, the dresses are gorgeous, so in this case the more the merrier!
    Thanks for the post, keep up the good work.

  2. I think Blair would love that!

  3. this post bears a STRONG resemblance to a certain fasionista.com blog post from mid-November...


  4. oscar--

    i don't read fashionista.com.
    i have never been to it.
    i just visited it to see what you were talking about, and you are right. but i make all my own post ideas. i have never stolen any from any other blog. i could remember lots of the dresses from the chloe collection, and when i saw the lux one, i thought they looked exactly the same. which they did. i don't like when people accuse me of stealing someone else's post, because i put so much work into this blog. okay? okay. thanks.

  5. I love this dress. I want this dress. I will be buying this dress asap =] Fashionista you rock!

  6. can you add me to your list?
    love your blog
    heres mine:


    ciao for now