Latest Obsessions

I've been looking around, and I have been eyeing many items. Lately I've been noticing basics that are stepped up with color or details. I have been meaning to pick up some bright colored American Apparel tights in red, purple, and navy, so those are definitely on my list.

Here's what I'm looking out for--

Ahh...I love the yellow and white printed flats, they are so 60's adorable. I love the t-shirt too, the metallic stripes make it so cool. This is really versatile too. The sequin scarf on the second row is one of my favorites on here. It is so glamorous and chic, it makes the simple winter scarf so sophisticated. The last shorts are also fabulous, I love the graphic print. They would look amazing over black tights.

Love all of the colored tights, they are so unique and add a burst of color in any outfit. I love an all black outfit with extreme bright tights. The knit vest is adorable, in my opinion. It's great for layering and looks so comfortable.

Of course I had to have some Urban Outfitters in here.I LOVE the purple and gray grandpa cardigans- so cute and effortless. I also love the lime green V-neck sweater. It would be great to add color to a plain winter outfit. This color green looks adorable with gray and black. There are so more colors of this plain tee, and I love the orange. I always love simple colored tees, they are a great base for an outfit that you can add on to.

Ooh...very short post. Week's Worth of Outfits is finally coming tomorrow and my 100th post is really soon... Get excited!!!



  1. I LOVE this post. I've been noticing a lot of brighter colors, too. Yeah I was just thinking "Wow I really want to get some bright tights.."
    I love tights SO much haha.
    Like the music, by the way. Virgins, right?

  2. Hey i stumbled across ur blog maybe u can stumble across mine. lol http://fashionivy.blogspot.com

  3. oo i've never thought of j crew as mod, but those picks def are!

  4. i LOVE what you picked out from j.crew :) especially the shorts and scarf!

  5. ohh. those things are wonderful. american apparel is love.

    nice blog!

  6. Oh I want all the jcrew stuff like you would not believe...*drools*

  7. i love your choices..and the header!

  8. yummy, I'm somewaht obsessed with American Apparel

  9. i love the metallic striped shirt also. will have to be on the look out for that one.

  10. Love the navy vest from American Apparel. I'm also looking for coloured tights to brighten up my outfits.
    I've just got a grey grandpa cardigan similiar to the one at UO and I've been wearing it over anything.
    Great post!