I have many things in my closet that I wear over and over and over. Without these staples, so many of my outfits wouldn't be complete. I cannot live without them. 

1. Cardigans
Of any kind at all. I have so many cardigans, but my never-fail is a black one. It can go over my dresses to make it a little more dressy, pulls together a t-shirt and jeans, and dresses up even the most casual shorts. I could never function properly without them.

2. Ballet Flats
Another thing that allows me to operate smoothly- ballet flats. They are so comfortable and I wear mine down until they are nothing but shreds. Mine mold to my feet and I feel more comfortable in ballet flats than tennis shoes. 

3. Basic t-shirts
This is a given for any closet, but I still felt like I should include it. Everyone needs cotton t-shirts in black, white, and gray in their closets. They are just a blank canvas for anything that you want to create. They work with anything and are fantastic layering pieces. 

4. Flat sandals
I mentioned this a few posts back, but I adore my Bernardo studded sandals. They are perfect for summer and are so versatile. They work with everything in my closet to dress it down.

5. A variety of dresses
Dresses hardly ever look un-put-together, and I love dainty, feminine dresses. Dresses are so simple to wear, you just throw it on and look great. 

6. Black skinny jeans
Last year, my black Uniqlo skinny jeans were all I wore. They look sleek and streamlined, and you can experiment with them so many different ways to give it a new look. I love them.  

7. Dark denim shorts
I'm slightly embarrassed because I have worn my denim shorts SO MUCH this summer. They have sucked all the creativity out of me because they are all I want to wear. I'm wearing them right now. But the great thing about them is that they don't have to look boring. You can easily make them so much more fashionable with color and accessories. 

8. Basics in bright colors
It's important to have your basics in white, black, and gray, but it's always fun to step up an outfit with a bright color. I love my tank tops in bright green, yellow, and orange, and they always make an outfit brighter and more interesting than a neutral. 

9. Assorted jewelry
They really make or break an outfit. Try big cocktail rings, bohemian bangles, or long necklaces to add interest or color to an outfit. 

10. Black opaque tights
Another given. Everyone needs a pair of opaque black tights- really opaque. They look great with anything and really make an outfit more elegant. 



  1. Agreed. My staples also include some non basic items that just happens to go well with everything.

  2. Ah, so right :)

  3. Ah, my basics are the same as yours. Only i have the painful dis-ability to buy nice jewelry, so i never end up wearing any... :)