reviving from the dead

It's back! And made over! I have to admit, after my extended hiatus I kind of forgot about Week's Worth of Outfits. But what I also forgot was how fun it was to make these. I hope you like it!

This outfit is simple, but so stylish. It starts with a staple Little White Dress and is stepped up with a bright green belt and metallic gladiators. I love this belt, everything about it. The sandals are perfect too, and can work with so much. 

This is one of my favorites this week- especially with the white jeans. I'm really starting to change my mind about them. The tunic is so pretty with all of it's vibrant color, and pairing it with stark white is a fabulous contrast. The metallic sneakers make it a bit more casual and tie in with the tunic colors. 

Usually I would never include a denim dress in WWOO, but ever since I saw Nicola Roberts and Alexa Chung in them on WhoWhatWear Daily, I saw how immediately cool they could be. I paired it with tall gladiators and tribal bangles. For some reason, I had a tribal feeling from the dress. 

This star t-shirt stood out to me the minute I saw it, and I'm not usually one to like graphic tees. But for some reason I love it! White denim is coming back, and I love it in this skirt from AA. Finish the outfit with these spectator oxford shoes.

A little bit hipster, a little bit ladylike describes this outfit nicely. I'm in love with this heart top from American Apparel- it's so simple but really unique at the same time. The faded denim is a nice change from the dark shades I've always worn. The flats are really what gives the outfit the ladylike feel. The pearl embellishments are so beautiful. 

I love the color palette for this outfit- bright but also a bit earthy. The green dress pops on a tan, and is a staple for the summer with the light fabric. Since the dress is so simple, you can pull off a statement necklace- this beaded one has an ethnic feel. Finally, belting the dress is a key trend. 

This is a perfect Sunday outfit- feminine and fresh. The floral Juicy Couture dress is so girly and could work for so many occasions. Adding the matte sequin flats gives it an elegant touch without getting too dressy, and the blue necklace is more pretty detail. 


I'll be out of town until July 5- so don't expect any posts until then. 


  1. i love all of the outfits, very cute :]

  2. i love wednesday and monday... tres tres chic lol


  3. ok i can't even pick a favorite day they are all great. Are you up for a link exchange

    ps I love your header

  4. Wensday if fo sho my favorite. But I love all of them, nice work.