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To start this post off, I should say that I have been an enormous fan of The Virgins ever since I heard them on Gossip Girl. I loved every part of them- the raw sound, the clever lyrics, and the can’t-get-it-out-of-your-head beat. So when I heard their new CD was coming out in addition to their EP, I was THRILLED. When the last few days of my countdown approached and June 3 was finally here, I raced to iTunes and bought every song that I didn’t already have from the EP. The album’s songs are:

1) She’s Expensive
2) One Week of Danger (EP)
3) Rich Girls (EP)
4) Teen Lovers
5) Fernando Pando (EP)
6) Murder
7) Hey Hey Girl
8) Private Affair
9) Radio Christiane (EP)
10) Love is Colder Than Death (EP)
11) Fast Times

All of the songs on the EP are incredible. After I bought all of them, they rushed up to the top of my Most Played list. They were on repeat all the time, I lived for The Virgins. So you could see how I was expecting a lot from their new album. I listened to the 30 second preview of the EP songs to see if they had kept the same songs from the EP. They totally hadn’t. All of the sounds were completely changed, even some of the lyrics were. It was infuriating. The songs before were perfect- they had a unique, rough sound that stood apart from everyone else. When I listened to the new ones, my mouth just dropped. For any Virgins fan, yours will too, if it hasn’t already. It’s unreal. I don’t know why they thought they needed to change these perfect songs so they could sound like every other overproduced band.

Now as for the other songs, it’s different from what their usual style is, and I’m not sure if that’s a compliment. She’s Expensive, Teen Lovers, Murder, Hey Hey Girl, Private Affair, and Fast Times are the new songs.

She’s Expensive- This is probably my least favorite song out of the album. I feel like they were just relying on obscenity to make this a funny song, not really putting much thought into the actual lyrics or sound.

Teen Lovers- I like the little disco addition to it in the beginning. This song sounds different from what their previous sound was, but I think I like it. It’s growing on me.

Murder- It’s forgettable.

Hey Hey Girl- This one I love. I’ve been singing it all day. It’s a perfect summer song and really easy to listen to.

Private Affair- Again, a great one. This really reminds me of their old stuff. I love it. Catchy and addictive.

Fast Times- Makes you want to dance! I love the fast beat and it makes me smile!

Overall, good job to the Virgins...

You should have kept your old songs.

Edit: After listening to this over and over, I love the whole album except for She's Expensive...


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  1. I agree with you 100%. I wish they kept their old sound. But I do like Hey Hey Girl, Fast Times, and Private Affair. I actually saw the Virgins in concert though. They are really great live.