Because Nothing's More Stylish than a MC Hammer Romper

I was looking at urbanoutfitters.com for possible Week's Worth of Outfits clothes, when I stumbled upon this atrocious...monster.

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What is this? Tell me what this is...oh, let's check the description:

Soft knit convertible harem pants cut in a loose and relaxed easy fit with a dropped rise and wide leg trimmed with a cinched cuff. Can be worn as a tube top onesy or folded over as classic Hammer-Don't-Hurt-Em harem pants.

Of course...a tube top onesie or classic Hammer-Don't-Hurt-Em harem pants. Why didn't I think of that before? HAREM PANTS? HAVE WE NOT SEEN THOSE SINCE ALADDIN?!?! I just can't understand this piece of clothing...



  1. I understand harem pants are having a "fashion" moment, but I will never like them. There are some things to which you just say no.

  2. hmmm don't really know what the clothes you're talking about since the picture didn't appear, but hey, i love harem pants. :) if you take a look at my blog i wear them pretty often. haha.

  3. Guys seem to like those. Have no idea why ... Thanks for linking !

    juliet xxx

  4. The model wears them with great aplomb!

  5. Are you like, Karl Lagerfeld's daughter or something? You're a serious fashion God....