The Denim Rebels

I am quite pleased to report that there is some denim trends being carried out here. Today I saw a girl wearing these fabulous pinstriped jeans that she totally pulled off perfectly. And around last week (I nearly died when I saw this) a girl was rocking bright red Rich & Skinny jeans, which I completely coveted. She looked so confident wearing them that she didn't care what anyone thought- it was great.



  1. oo cool! even some of those trends make me a bit nervous, but its awesome to see someone living them up, those jeans deserve someone confident enough to rock them!

  2. I'd love to see pictures of her in those jeans!

    oh and I love the header at the top of your blog, very fab.

  3. red skinny jeans just scream coolness and self confidence

    your header is amazing. very chic!

  4. I love it when I see people rocking an outfit and radiating confidence, like they want to dress that way and don't care at all what anyone else thinks. Fashion is, after all, one of the greatest forms of self-expression...