Fashionista Returns from Hiding

I was missing Blogger so much, and I still haven't finished my 100th post, so I deleted a few tiny, pointless posts and filled it with a Q&A.

julieee. asks:

fashionista- so im super attached to some items in my closet, but i dont want it to look like i wear them too much. what are some ways to mix it up when you wear something alot?

I have the same situation, but I love to mix different pieces of clothing to make it different. The key is layering and accessories. If you have a top that you love, try adding different unique pieces to it, like a vest, bright sweater/cardigan, or a cool jacket. Look for interesting details in the pieces you add, so it's a different look every time you wear the piece you love. The look can be different every time with the right layers and accessories, as long as the piece you are attached to is really versatile. Another thing you can do to mix up your favorite piece is accessories. Try to find some quirky bangles or long necklaces to have a different feel to your clothing.

Good luck!