trash bag blazers

As annoyingly overrated and overexposed Urban Outfitters is, it has some pretty fantastic stuff when you dig deep. I will admit that I love it. I stopped in today and picked up some marvelous sales. 

The first thing I found was this- I had no idea what it was made out of but it looked pretty freaking cool. I learned later it was 'linen with a clear finish'. It's so much cooler than all the blazers I have (which, given, is about 2) and doesn't break off the circulation of my arms like my other UO blazer (seriously, I got the larger size and it was as tight, if not tighter, than the smaller. But anyways.) This was $20 marked down from $78. Even if I hated the thing, that's a good deal.

The next thing is this denim vest, a pathetic attempt at being as cool as vintage Levi's ones like Tavi's. I don't really like it as it is right now, I plan on bleaching it and making it a little rougher with sandpaper (which is bringing back terrible memories of me as an 8 year old trying to "customize" my jeans) This was $10 from $58!

I'll probably be doing the bleach-and-shred to the vest in like, an hour. I'm anxious. So there will be an update soon.

Edit: For the one time in my life I need it, we don't even have bleach in the house. 

And keep asking questions. Thankyaverymuch.


yellow and blue, yellow and blue

Here it is, the sock coordinated outfit from Saturday. I decided to step a bit out of the box and wear my skirts in a different way- at my actual waist instead of above it. I now love the look of longer skirts. 

theory t-shirt
handmade skirt
dad's belt
jcrew socks
marc by marc jacobs heels


the yellow polka dot

Outfit from today. 

marimekko shirt
american apparel dress
unknown tights
steve madden boots

Another Marimekko treasure found from my childhood wardrobe-that-I-never-wore, this amazing black button down with yellow polka dots. I love it.

I still have to photograph my outfit from yesterday. May I just say I coordinated my socks to my outfit? Because I did.

p.s: keep asking questions on the post below. or what the heck, do it on this post. just ask.


the simplest questions implicitly or explicitly request information from a range (finite or infinite) of alternatives

Oh look, there's a bandwagon. (actually, it would be more of a train, but that wouldn't fit with the expression, would it?)
Oh, look, here's me. I am jumping on it.

Can you guess what I'm going to say next?
I've decided to do a Q&A... yawn.
But really, I love those posts and I think it will be fun.

Please ask questions.


hilary rhoda wishes you a merry christmas

And I do too.

Of course I say Happy (other) Holidays too, but since today is Christmas and I couldn't really find a Hanukkah or Kwanzaa editorial...but that would be cool, wouldn't it...?

And also-
IT'S MY 200th POST.
Whoop whoop!


be a bit victorian

The more I look at these, the more I think it is absolutely necessary to have long lace gloves in every wardrobe.

$30 (seriously.) at Topshop



This is what I was supposed to be wearing today, but unfortunately, it never really made it out of the house...

but I did have some fun self-photographing.

shirt: wallace, dress: ruby pearl (sister's), lamé leggings: american apparel, boots: steve madden


i hope teen vogue now knows she is not god's gift to fashion

Kira Plastinina.
We all know the story. She's 16 years old, daddy's a Russian mogul, he sees her little sketches, says "Hey, I'm rich! Let's make you some stores across the world selling disgusting and overpriced clothing. Oh look, here's Teen Vogue on the phone. They want to do 48 features about how fantastic you are."

And she proceeds to take over the world, making clothes like this:


But alas, even dairy and orange juice heiresses like Kira can't always get what they want. Kira's USA stores will all be closing in late December because of bankruptcy..

I don't want to say I'm glad, that's just mean, but...


Now that Winter Break is upon me, I need to do some shopping. I finally have some time on my hands to update my closet a bit. Right now, it consists of the skirts I made this summer. That's pretty much it. I hate how it's all I wear, but it's such an easy way out. I'm in such a rut and really need to change it up a bit.

Thankfully, the thing getting me re-inspired are our surrounding bloggers. Sometimes I really wonder what I would do without them. I desperately hope I can find these pieces on my winter shopping trips..

Doesn't Jane have the best furs? I'm not advocating wearing fur, if I was to get one it would be faux, thank you very much. I just love how dramatic it is, and it can be put with nearly anything. No, it probably couldn't, but if I bought one I would put it with everything. Topshop has a perfect Mongolian vest that I would eat my young for. Too bad it's nearly $200. Seriously, Americans all thought Topshop was British Forever 21.

Topshop taunts.

The marching band jacket, band jacket, military jacket. Whatever you fancy calling it, it's an amazing statement piece that is unfortunately difficult to find. I doubt I'll find one on my excursions, but I'll try to the best of my abilities.

This below the knee hemline is so refreshing from the normal ones you see. They can be so different- Jane's is avant-garde and experimental, while Rachel's is elegant and vintage-like. Oh, I want one so badly.

Bloggers featured: Betty from Le Blog de Betty, Jane from Sea of Shoes, and Rachel from That's Chic. All pictures are from these blogs.



And the award for Most Terrible Blogger in History goes to...


Seriously, I know how bad I've been. Really, I do.

This week was just a plethora of work and projects and other useless rubbish. But now it is Winter Break, which makes me so happy.

I'll try to get back into the swing of things...


you smell like beef and cheese, you don't smell like santa

Like most everyone, holiday time tops my most favorite times of the year. In this most likely annual installment, I will be going over some lovely gifts to give to people in your life that you like enough to give gifts to. I hope I covered all the personalities, and you can even mix and match the gifts even if they don't exactly match the personality. Unlike WhoWhatWear's gift guide featuring $750 Phillip Lim and $1,995 Proenza Schouler handbags and a $498 Marciano dress (along with many other ridiculously overpriced items), all of these gifts are affordable. Be forewarned: about 75% of these come from Fred Flare. They are absolutely the best place to find any kind of gift.

1. Cool Green Stuff by Dave Evans, $14.95 at Urban Outfitters

This entire book is filled with fashion, jewelry, gadgets, home decor- all environmentally friendly. Wine bottle hanging lamps, floral bracelets made out of vintage fabric. It's all in here.

2. Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Save the Pole' bag, $99 on sale at Barneys New York

I put these in a previous post and I still think they are adorable. Any friend would enjoy having a Marc Jacobs bag anyway, even without the organic hemp.

3. Flowers in a Can, $11 at Fred Flare

These would be so pretty in a house. With the packaging plus little flowers growing inside? That would just be darlin'.

4. Yesterday's News Colored Pencils, $10 at Fred Flare

Just some cute little colored pencils made out of recycled Chinese newspapers.

5. Squeaky Green by Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry, $17.95 at Fred Flare

This book is written by the people behind Method products (mmm...) and tells you how to get your house "squeaky clean" without chemicals or all of those nasties.

1. Stila Step Out & Shine Collection, $50

All of Stila's products are fabulous, and this kit is a fantastic value. Considering the eyeshadow quad alone is nearly $40 and the whole kit, with all full sized products, is $10 more, I don't think you can go wrong. It comes with the...
  • Montmartre Eye Shadow Quad
  • Convertible Color in Orchid
  • Pomegranate Crush Lip & Cheek Stain
  • Multi-Effect Mascara
  • All-Over Shimmer Luminizer
2. Tarte Tres Cheek Mini Cheek Stain Set, $25

Tarte's cheek stains are gorgeous and long lasting. It's difficult to use up a product like the full sized cheek stains, so the fact that it's mini makes it so much better. Plus, you get three colors.

3. Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box, $36

All of Urban Decay's palettes are unbelievably great, so any can be substituted for this, but I own the Deluxe Shadow Box and have fallen in love. These shadows are absolutely divine. They are so smooth, the colors are vibrant, and the 9 shadows can be mixed to create endless looks.

4. Stila Blockbuster Set, $150

It sounds like a lot, but these are TWENTY-ONE FULL SIZED PRODUCTS, valued at nearly $500.
  • Stila Sun Shade 01
  • Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer
  • Lip Glaze in Apricot, Fruit Punch, & Watermelon
  • Perfecting Foundation in Shade C (don't ask me why they put foundation in this, but okay.)
  • Fiber Optics Mascara in Black
  • It Gloss in Amazing & Interesting
  • Hi Shine Lip Color in Ariel & Lana
  • Convertible Eye Color in Port
  • Color Push Up in Berry & Nude
  • Eye Shadow in Mystic & Summer
  • Eye Shadow Duo Salome & Sea Foam
  • Glitter Eyeliner in Blue Pink & Purple Pink
  • All Over Glow in Peachy Keen
How fun would it be to have this. Really.

5. Sephora Scent Sampler Bestsellers For Her, $50

This is such a bloody brilliant idea, I don't know why someone hasn't thought of it sooner. You get samples of ten of Sephora's best selling perfumes. You pick out the one you like the best and then...you get to redeem a voucher for a full sized bottle of your favorite. How cool is that. Considering most of the perfumes run for over $50 itself, and you get 10 samples! I barely go through samples of perfume, so you do the math. It's a good deal.

1. Cringe: Teenage Diaries by Sarah Brown, $22.95 at Fred Flare

It's a book filled with actual diary entries from actual teenagers. Sure to be hilarious.

2. Juno Cheeseburger Phone, $26 at Fred Flare

It's the cheeseburger phone. If you have it, you are officially the coolest person alive.

3. Desktop Ping Pong Set, $12 at Fred Flare

Now sold out. I'm sorry.

4. Gryffindor beanie, $I dont know how much it is because it's ALSO sold out

What is up with this? I made this thing on Sunday and they're already out?

5. Bacon & Eggs Bandage Assortment, $9 at Fred Flare

It would be amazing to start a collection of these things- they have bacon, beef, pickles, toast, tattoos, "crime scene", enchanted unicorn, the whole shebang.

1. Influence by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, $35 at any bookstore

I still haven't gotten this and it would be a fantastic gift for any fashion lover. I have yet to meet a person interested in fashion who doesn't worship the Olsens.

2. Tux Delux jacket, $135 at Topshop

Topshop carries an absolutely amazing line of tuxedo jackets by Tux Delux that I have been lusting after for the longest time. They have so many varieties- black with gold studs, pink and black leopard print, a snakeskin pattern. I can't decide which is my favorite, but this red and black zebra Balmain knockoff definitely tops the list.

3. DL by Dirty Librarian Chains Rhinestone Knotted Necklace, $38 at Urban Outfitters

This is such a great necklace because it goes with everything, both clothing and jewelry-wise. Since it has both gold and silver chains in it, you can use it with both your gold and silver jewelry. It's perfect with anything.

4. Fred Flare lipstick ballpoint pen, $5 at Fred Flare

A lipstick pen. What else can you say about it?

5. Fred Flare Fashion Origami, $12 at Fred Flare

I can definitely envision myself locked in my room all Christmas break, fashioning little tiny shoes and dresses and emerging with a miniature wardrobe and then not knowing what to do with any of it.

6. Charm School Design headband, $32 at Fred Flare

A very Waldorf-y choice that I love.

We all know there's one in all of us, I actually ran into a situation where it would help me to have a calculator watch.

1. Fred Flare geek glasses, $11 at Fred Flare

Every inner geek needs a nice pair of Buddy Holly glasses!

2. 3-D doodle kit, $10 at Fred Flare

I want this so much. You draw on it with red and blue pencils, then with the PROVIDED 3-D glasses, your drawings LEAP to life! How cool is that.

3. Calculator Watch, $35 at Urban Outfitters

See introduction. You actually need one sometimes, really you do.

4. Vacuum USB cord, $15 at Urban Outfitters

A USB CORD SHAPED LIKE A VACUUM. Cool USB ports make me so happy. I hate mine. It's dull. This would make my life complete.

5. Napoleon Dynamite sleep mask, $9 at Fred Flare

Napoleon Dynamite is arguably the greatest film ever made and it would be fantastic to have his glasses like, semi-permanently on your face. Plus, how creepy would it be for someone to walk in on you sleeping with it on?

6. LED Motherboard Menorah, $25 at Fred Flare

"This menorah brings new meaning to the Festival of Lights!"


I'm unusually drawn to black & white house accessories, so excuse that. I just love them.

1. Thomas Paul plate set, $40 at Fred Flare

Aren't they gorgeous?

2. Chalk Candle, $20 at Urban Outfitters

You can write anything you want on this candle, then erase it and write or draw a new thing. I just love this concept, and I've heard it smells great too.

3. Nice Shades Pillowcase Set, $24 at Urban Outfitters

All of Urban Outfitters' pillowcases or any of their home decorations are unbelievably awesome.

4. 3-D Chandelier, $36 at Urban Outfitters

This is so much cheaper than a real chandelier and so much cooler, too!

5. Jade Gallup Diamond Vase, $12 at Urban Outfitters

I love how this just looks like a porcelain Mason jar, with a beautiful little diamond etching on it. It's so simple but it makes such a big impact.




First things first, I am a freak about spelling. Typos are my favorite thing ever, and today I noticed an interesting one, combining two of my favorite things- fashion and spelling...

Sounds intriguing, doesn't it.

While at Barneys today, I was browsing the shoes in awe. Until I found....

A typo.
At Barneys.
On the little plaque naming the designer of the shoes.

it read.

It looked wrong. It was Giuseppe, not Guiseppe, right?
None of the people who I was with believed me. I whipped out my phone and looked it up and I was right. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.

What surprised me so much was that a company of such high caliber as Barneys New York couldn't hire a simple proofreader, or even a person who is familiar with fashion? I'm sure there's plenty of those at Barneys.

Ugh. People confuse me.



if only...

We weren't in a recession and spending $131 on leggings was completely reasonable.




glitter legs

I scour my mom's closet often, hoping to find some gems. Everything is pretty memorized by this point, but last night I found something I had never seen before.

It's a cobalt blue wool jumper from a brand called Tarantino. I love the color, but my favorite part has to be the Y-back. I am definitely looking forward to experimenting with this.

And we have a dance coming up, I needed a dress...

I have had my eye on the Nylon Figure Skater Dress from American Apparel for what seems like decades, and I figured this would be the perfect occasion to get it.

It was a little short, so for underneath, I bought....

Black tights. With silver sparkles. Sparkly tights. I'm so excited.



a truly momentous landmark

I have my first hate comment!
This one is pretty great..

"i dont really like it. i'm a big fan of fashion but i think this is just kind of weird... the all pink? no please you look like you're a spoke person for Libby Lu.
And the second pic of you like leaning or w/e is going on there is kind of weird too, it makes you look dispraportionate. Oh and i know this will never go on ur blog since you never post comments that dont praise your sense of style which is kind of fake and insecure if you ask me. idk who consistently reads ur blogs though, do you right these comments yourself? haha yeah w/e bye so chic its scary lol where did you come up with that. btw i can tell from your legs ur like a little 12 or 13 year old which would explain a lot... Yah im sorry, but i doubt this comment will make you "feel good!"

Let us respond, shall we?

the all pink? no please you look like you're a spoke person for Libby Lu.

I'm sorry that Anonymous (of course) doesn't like all pink, I personally think it's good to have a little fun once in a while.

And the second pic of you like leaning or w/e is going on there is kind of weird too, it makes you look dispraportionate.

I really enjoy how this person chose to criticize my poses. Quite an eye for detail to see how it makes me look so "dispraportionate".

Oh and i know this will never go on ur blog since you never post comments that dont praise your sense of style which is kind of fake and insecure if you ask me. idk who consistently reads ur blogs though, do you right these comments yourself?

It won't go on my blog? Anonymous, you get a whole POST dedicated to you! I just started posting my outfits a few months ago, people haven't hated it so much to comment on it. I can handle a hate comment, I don't think it's insecurity. And you caught me. I do write every single comment on this blog... myself. Another plan foiled.

haha yeah w/e bye so chic its scary lol where did you come up with that. btw i can tell from your legs ur like a little 12 or 13 year old which would explain a lot...

Look at that, Anonymous can tell my age...from my legs!


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Wearing entirely pink sure does generate a lot of talk. Today complete strangers approached me, pinched my sweater, and giggled happily, others just mumbled "cute" as they walked by.

I guess I don't have a problem with it.


sweater: jcrew, skirt: made by me, boots: steve madden, hat: forever21


orange loafers

My quite boring outfit from Friday...

Aren't they pretty?

shirt: gap, skirt: made by me, lamé leggings: american apparel, shoes: vittadini


button-down: martin+osa, skirt: urban outfitters, boots: steve madden, hat: forever21

and today:

shirt: diy, vest: marimekko, lamé leggings: american apparel, skirt: made by me, boots: steve madden

Now that the temperature is dropping (yes, I've mentioned it a lot- I'm excited, sue me.) I am getting so much more wear out of my boots and American Apparel leggings.

I felt like a photographer again today, just some more proof that it's fall.

My sister was wearing yellow tights and Minnetonkas, I told her to pose with the leaves- she subconsciously blended in with the scenery...



moss, 1992

I love happy editorials like this one.

From Glamour France, photos: foto decadent


the cutting-edge secret to wearing summer clothes...in winter.

I know, I know. I've been remarkably uninteresting and inactive the past few posts. I've been lacking in all inspiration and cannot pull a shred of creativity out of my tiny head.

An outfit I would enjoy wearing. In the winter, I rarely focus on practicality for clothing. I throw on a skirt and a pair of tights and make it a pathetic excuse for heavy duty winter clothing.

Dad: You're going to freeze out here.
Me: Psh, no! I'm wearing tights.

jacket: mike&chris, skirt: apc, tights: fogel, boots: jeffrey campbell




When I woke up today, the first thing I heard was "It's COLD!", which, in Texas, means anything below 80 degrees. I never actually went outside, so I dressed according to "it's cold", which it has not been this fall.

This single outfit, being able to wear tights again, made me want 40 degree weather, even if it was only in the upper 60's.

dress: american apparel, shirt: diy, cardigan: pitaya, tights: does anyone ever know where their black tights came from?



It's no surprise that our economy is in the toilet right now. I don't want to go into a political-economic tirade on this fashion blog, so we can just launch into the newest feature- The Ten. Ten items for each month, all inexpensive and able to be mixed and matched to create different looks, making you spend less money, still look good, etcetera. This was my first, obviously, and it's way harder than it looks, hence my picking of more pricey items. I'll do better next time, I promise. But hey- everything is under $100!

Number 1 doesn't follow the same pattern as the rest, but how else could I fit all of these marvelous tights on one page.

Editor's Notes:
#4: Please don't scold me for picking $80 pants. As I was looking through them, I realized how ridiculous that is. I picked the ones from Topshop purely for how they appeared on the website. There are complete replicas at Forever 21 for so much cheaper, but I didn't pick those because of the appearance on the website. You know, where it looks like there was a mannequin there before but they took it out and then it's just a floating pair of pants that looks like someone is wearing them. God, I don't know when to stop talking, do I?

$6: This is from the Play Charlotte Ronson line, which I failed to mention.

#8: Seriously, picture it with purple.