lots of dots

Obviously by the darkness of these pictures, I forgot to photograph my outfit during the day and then scampered out at 8:00 pm to do a quick photo shoot before I froze my tights off.

silence&noise blazer
gap shirt
handmade skirt
forever21 tights
bp nordstrom flats

Happy Oscar night.


leather or denim

Outfit from... Sunday? Yes. Dinner, yada yada yada. I actually forgot I had this skirt, it was hidden behind the masses of others and when I found it I freaked out.

martin+osa button-down
urban outfitters denim vest
handmade skirt

As for footwear, I have found that orange leather loafers go with absolutely everything.

I know you've seen these way too many times before. I just love them too much.

I couldn't decide between wearing the denim vest or the "leather" blazer over it...I obviously decided on the vest, but this little combo is sure to be worn soon.

(I'm aware it doesn't look anything like leather in the photos but it is.)

ch ch changes

This post probably would have been better scheduled around January 20 or November 4. Now, though, the hubbub surrounding the new president is fading a bit, and the "CHANGE" tank top is even older...

But it's $40 Alexander Wang, and even fashion lovers for McCain would be searching high and low for it.

And here I present-
The Many Faces of the Obama/Wang Tank-Top





How many children of yours would you eat for that CDG jacket above?


[insert cheesy yellow fever pun here]

It's about time for an actual post, right?

This is the only picture I had for my outfit on Saturday- I had to get a photo of that amazing view outside...

And yes, I'm aware you can barely see the outfit, but to help you out, I'm wearing this top and this skirt, which was basically an eyesore of yellow polka dots. I started off wearing white tights and those Steve Madden boots as well (I swear I do own other shoes..) but I was getting warm in the tights (In February.)

top: marimekko
skirt: made by me


the breakup. the makeup.

This is a bit awkward.
We haven't seen each other in a while, and the chemistry just isn't there anymore.
I hope we can mend this relationship, to make it how it could have been.

Alright, now that we've had this talk...
we need to have another talk.

Outfits lack when you have exams (which, true, ended a week ago) and I don't think anything noteworthy has happened in between those times.

Plus I left my camera at a party last night, so that's fantastic.

I will leave you (hopefully not for long) with this: