My birthday was yesterday, and the products from it are delighting me. My grandma gave me this fantastic blue bag. I had had the same terribly ugly bag since I was about 11 and it wasn't doing me any favors. This was necessary, and the color alone sold me immediately. As for the dress, it's lovely, chambray, and goes with literally every single jacket or sweater or cardigan or over-wear that I own. I especially like it with the blardigan.

blardigan, jcrew dress, vintage shoes, anthropologie bag


bits and baubles

My apologies for this shirt two times in a row, but I can't get over it. I really love this outfit. I love the patterns and colors and textures and doodads and whatnots and gizmos. I wish my sister would let me buy this shirt off of her. (HINTS, HINTS) Right now I'm looking to Anthropologie to try and expand my necklace collection....too bad they all range from about $48 to $305. Ace.

vintage jacket, vintage shirt, vintage belt, selfmade skirt, vintage shoes

My third year anniversary was on the 20th! Which is pretty ridiculous. My comparison to my mom- a baby born on my blog birthday would now be talking, walking, and using basic motor skills and the like. Crazy. There may or may not be a special post. Probably not because I've been trying to think of something to do for the past 2 weeks and I haven't gotten anything. Sahrry!


rainbow minus 5

My mood skyrocketed to complete joy when I put on this outfit. It's the colors. I love yellow, I love pink, I love more pink. I also love this shirt, which is my sister's and a beaut, if I do say so myself. Also, I'm just about to try my hand at the outfit drawing thing. I suck at art and I don't quite know how to work my scanner, so this could potentially be a bad idea. Maybe I shouldn't have shared this. Oh well.

vintage shirt, american apparel skirt, dad's belt, vintage shoes

And now, the product of two hours and a lot of glitter that did not transfer well onto the computer and now looks like sand. I tried to draw eyes and I looked like an anime character. I decided the bar would do.


legs of lace

I have nothing to write here. Nothing about this outfit (except that I've been enjoying my lace tights a lot lately) and nothing about my life or no funny stories to tell. I'm just watching a lot of Full House. Stephanie was just really adorable and said "Well, just put a rose on your nose." except with emphasis on ROSE and NOSE. She's feeling really excluded because she's the ever-ignored middle child. I'm sure later in the episode Danny and Steph will have a heart to heart with piano or harpsichord music in the background, with Danny telling her that everyone still loves her, even if she IS the middle child!

lux denim vest, gap dress, vintage belt, selfmade skirt, urban outfitters lace tights, vintage shoes


no eggs, many flowers

This outfit made me happy in the gross, cloudy, humid weather today. Today was nicely spent downtown despite a little rain. I am now spending a Jewish Easter without any Reese's peanut butter eggs or Cadbury cream eggs or Butterfinger eggs or any other type of sugary egg. I want some of that.

anthropologie cardigan, vintage dress, vintage belt, urban outfitters lace tights, vintage shoes


strange logic

This jacket feels like it can only be posted once. It's just so...(I've been struggling for a word to put here for 5 minutes, so I'm just going to leave it). But it's still as great as the first day I bought it and I finally found one of my friends that appreciates it as much as I do. I referred to this jacket as my best friend in the post it was last mentioned in, and my best friend was the one who loved the jacket. So my best friends are best friends with each other, while I am in the back, watching.

vintage jacket, gap jeans, vintage shoes


google, kansas

I've come to the conclusion that wearing my glasses make me and my pictures about 85% more awkward. Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I have been up to my ankles (this is actually very accurate) in research, papers, and research papers. But I turned that in today so it's all done and over and I'm happy and I can post. I am now going to begin my perusing of the Internet's newest April Fool's jokes. My friend's reaction to Topeka (Google)- "Is this really a joke? I mean, the description is so factual."

james perse button down, gap sweater, dad's belt, selfmade skirt, vintage norma kamali shoes