blue cars

I woke up to a thunderstorm today, which put me in such a good mood for the rest of the day (Good weather doesn't really do this to me.) I think it was partly due to the fact that it was 74 degrees and I could wear semi-long sleeves for the first time ever this summer. It's gotten me superexcited to tinker around with these bloomers in the fall.

martin+osa button down
american apparel bloomers
vintage belt
vintage heels

These shoes are my favorite things on the planet. I clomp around so delightfully when I wear them. And I got my hair cut.



4 pairs of shoes for $16 is really awesome, don't you think? That's what estate sales can do for you, children. This lady was so cool- she had a massive room of hats and shoes and these steps leading up to a mirror. The little old lady was just my shoe size, so I got basically first dibs on all the shoes, since none of the adults' feet could fit. Teehee.

These are probably my favorite pair that I got- red Mary Janes. They have a pretty chunky heel so they are a pinch to walk in. Woop de doo!

Yellow quilted pumps! Yellow shoes. I've never had yellow shoes. I've had my fair share of orange shoes, but never YELLOW!

Number two favorite right here, man. These are suede and the prettiest shade of green, as well as studded. They can't get better.

Ridonkulously high hot pink suede heels. How these are going to mesh in my wardrobe, I'm not sure, but they were $4. Four dollars.

I wanted to put up an outfit post today, but the equation of my camera, the weather, my pained face, etc. just wouldn't cope. We can try tomorrow, eh?



When a time comes when I want to make myself just a bit more miserable in the summer with a jacket, this jacket is the perfect one to choose. It's just light enough to not make my body melt off, and the metal studs on the back are surprisingly chilly, which I wasn't too fond of in the winter but is just peachy in consistently 104-degree weather.

vintage jacket
fruit of the loom tank top
selfmade skirt
vintage heels

P.S. I'm done with work, so the severe lack of posts from the past few weeks will be no more!


stars stripes

I realized I hadn't said Happy 4th of July in my last post, so I'm just waving the flag all around today. This was my outfit from yesterday, and I have been wearing this shirt this entire weekend. Every day.

american apparel circle vest
bdg shirt
selfmade skirt
dad's belt
vintage bruno magli heels (see post below)


life is pandemonium

For so long I had neglected shoes. When I was young and naive I believed only the clothes that people saw when they first glanced at you mattered, but after the discovery of blogs that all changed. Yet I still found myself only buying clothes time and time again. Until now! I
picked up two marvelous pairs at a vintage shop called Pandemonium today and I'm thrilled to have something other than my mom's huge MbMJ heels.

$25 sequined Bruno Magli.

How could I pass by these and not get them? They have the most adorable little bows and the tiniest kitten heel. Pretty pretty.